Fruit farm

If you enjoy playing casino games and playing various casino slot machines, there is one game that you should try-Fruit Farm. Although this slot is not as popular with casino goers, it is still worth a try because of its great graphics and mechanics. The reason why people don't like to play this particular game is probably because they are of the notion that being requires too much skill in playing the game. However, with the help of this Fruit Farm guide, you will be able to know the basics of this casino game.

Fruity Fruit Farm, also known as F-14, is a jackpot slot by Triple PG. According to research, Fruity Fruit Farm has the highest payouts out of all the other slots, which may surprise some of your friends. Still, this does not mean that it is bad, so try it out and see for yourself. The trick to earning more coins in this game is to complete the different tasks given to you by the farmer. Completing all the tasks will grant you extra spins that you can use in playing the game.

One of the challenges you will encounter in the game is collecting all the required fruits needed in order to advance to the next level. This task can be done with the help of special symbols that Triple PG gives you for buying, selling, and swapping the different fruits in the farm. Some of these symbols are also given for free if you purchase certain amounts of coins. Once you reach a certain number of coins, you will gain access to the second phase of the game wherein you will have to rotate the various plants in the farm to obtain specific fruit. As you progress through the game, you will notice that the appearance of the symbols will change. This is because the location of the symbols in the screen will change depending on the requirement of the time.