Joker explosion

A true classic casino game that brings some real explosive fun to the table. As one of the original games of this type on the market, Joker Explosion re-creates many of the same fun and exciting rules of the game, but with the added fun of having the opportunity to win some big money! Joker Explosion can seem to be an ordinary online slot in the eye of the beholder. But, if you pay close enough attention, you'll find that the game is anything but ordinary. With its fast action and theme based on the Dark Knight, it's easy to forget that you're actually playing a traditional slot machine – and quite honestly, you shouldn't be! With the right strategy, you can easily become one of those casino gamers that racks up huge winnings in just a matter of minutes.

In the game of Joker explosion, players place their bids either on the “low” or “high” value bet, and the game progresses the same way as any other standard online slots game. The objective of the game is pretty simple: simply get as many points as possible by hitting the “low” or “high” value bet icons on the screen. The object of the game is not to reduce the time between bids as you do in conventional casino slots. While conventional slots are relatively easy to beat if skill is acquired, online slots can be beat in mere seconds with a little practice. But, with the right strategy and practice, even this seemingly easy game can provide an experience that is equal to or even more challenging than many of the better known conventional casino games.

This game of chance has been re-designed for optimal fun and enjoyment. In addition to the regular joker icon that appears on the bottom center of the screen, there are now two other icons that are color coded, indicating what kind of jackpot you stand a chance of winning. Blue jackpots have constant guaranteed payout, while red jackpots are subject to random variation based on how much people are betting and whether or not the red number is displayed. Beyond these two basic icon design elements, the game has numerous features that allow it to grow and thrive as one of the most popular free slots in the world. With many of the available features, Joker Explosion is a game that can grow as large as your bank account allows.